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Studio is a map used in the older Swedish version of the game. There is almost no content at all available that even showcase the studio arena except for one known screenshot from an archived page of

The map was based on Robot Wars arena. This map featured house robots that was based on the house robots from Robot Wars. Sir Killalot would do a lot of damage if the player ran into him in his corner, SGT Bash would spew flames towards them if they got too close to his corner and Matilda would send her tusks out like a piston and fling you across the arena. It also featured a pit and when a robot lost by taking too much damage Sir Killalot would leave his corner and guide the loosing robot into the pit.


1. The reason to why Raketspel made a map based on Robot Wars was likely because in 2004 when Robot Wars started Season 4 it aired on Swedish television with Swedish commentators and program leaders Janne Blomqvist and Micke Dubois. Because of Swedens involvement in Season 4 of Robot Wars, Raketspel made a Robot Wars inspired arena, as Robot Wars was really popular at the time in Sweden.

2. The removal of the map in 2006 was likely due to legal reasons.