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undead_rr is custom implementation of RobotRage 2: Rearmed server.

undead_rr consists of several parts:

  • Main server
  • Lobby server
  • Fallback server

Main server

Written in PHP. It receives requests through POST from game client. It is the only part of undead_rr that connects to the database. Main server contains built-in anticheat that, if enabled, verifies player's account for incorrect values. As game always expects server to run ASP files, webserver containing main server has to be configured in such way, .asp files are interpreted as .php files.

Lobby server

As the client uses IRC protocol to handle lobby, this server is nothing more than UnrealIRCd installation with custom motd the game expects.

Fallback server

During battle original game required P2P connection between players, which in current state of the internet is rarely possible. OpenSMUS is used as transparent layer between clients allowing gameplay even if players are unable to setup P2P connection.