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Dagger on robot.png

Dagger is a weapon available in RobotRage, RobotRage 2: Rearmed, RobotRage Reborn. The Dagger is a none-hotkey based weapon that deals damage on impact with their opponent.


Sometimes a dagger user can cause their opponent to be stuck to them for a while dealing heavy damage to them or possibly flinging them off the arena in really glitchy scenarios.

This is a common starter weapon, and is usually considered better than the Power Axe as Dagger users can bounce away Power Axe users with their Dagger before the Power Axe users can land a shot on them.

Cost (cr) 10
Damage 3
Weight (kg) 2
Space 1
Internal Name v7
Hex 76 37

front, back

Charges n/a