Laser Cannon

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Laser Cannon is a super weapon available in RobotRage, RobotRage 2: Rearmed, RobotRage Reborn.

The Laser Cannon is a super weapon that fires a blue and white laser beam when the user presses a hotkey, dealing damage when the beam hits a robot. Unlike the Flame Thrower the Laser Cannon does not have a counter for maximum uses during a fight and is instead drawing battery power when fired.


By use of exploits, a user placing the Laser Cannon backwards on their robot will have a perfect unfair aimbot. When the backwards facing Laser Cannon user fires their Laser Cannon they get a guaranteed hit on their opponent. It is completely unavoidable for the opponent regardless of their position on the map.

Furthermore, installing a Power Axe facing backwards and a Laser Cannon facing forward by the use of exploits will result in the Laser Cannon hitting their own bot when fired. Interestingly enough this counts as a hit on their opponent and deals damage as well similar like the aimbot laser cannon strategy.

The aimbot Laser Cannon was a common use by cheaters in 2005 for them to guarantee victories.

Cost (cr) N/A
Damage 10
Weight (kg) 1
Space 2
Placement Tower
Charges Draws 20 battery energy per shot